Challenge Pro Training Center
JJ Fit Venture
(formerly Ultimate Fitness Plus for Women)
  1. YOGA
    Yoga is good for the spine, and mind. Do not worry if you haven't taken a yoga class, it is fairly new to our studio, everyone is on the same beginning level.
  2. ZUMBA
    Come shake it with us!! There are no mistakes in this class just independent soloists. Come burn a lot of calories and have even more fun!!
  3. PIYO
    This is a low impact class that is a mix between Pilates and Yoga. For those that Love yoga it is basically a power yoga class.
  4. Pound
    In this class you use drumsticks and a yoga mat to relieve your stress. Come join us for a fun cardio class and leave all your frustrations on the mat!!
  5. Weightlifting
    Each decade after 30 women lose 5% of their muscle mass. Come get your strong on with us!!
  6. Ultimate Fit
    Ultimate Fit
    The friendlier term we have chosen for our boot camp style class. Do not let the term boot camp scare you away. In this class everything is done AT YOUR OWN PACE. The person next to you may have been here for 5 years or may have started yesterday. In this class you will be doing 8-10 exercises a minute a piece. Each exercise can be modified for injuries and fitness goals.